Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too lazy to blog

I thought I would put up some journal entries I had to write for english that sort of deal with what happened surrounding the earthquake and going to Okinawa and everything. I had to write Haiku with them too... so don't laugh at my failed attempts at haiku please...

Haiku entry #1
The day we heard that we would be going to Okinawa, I spent my whole way home trying to think of how to tell my host parents. I wanted them to understand how important they are to me, and how much I appreciate all that they've done. I wanted them to know that if I thought that it was actually dangerous here, I wouldn't leave them behind; I would take them with me to somewhere safe. When I got home, my host dad had already heard, and he said that I could go upstairs to pack. My host mom came in while I was packing. She asked me if my mom wanted me to go back to America. I said no. She asked if I wanted to go back to America. I said no, I want to stay here. At this my host mom started to cry, and I soon did as well. And with those few words our feelings were understood.

Without explaining,
the cherry blossoms will wilt--
but spring understands

Haiku entry #2
When I came back to school after spring break, I noticed for the first time the sakura trees just outside. Although sakura stand out so much in all their beauty during spring, during any other season they just blend in with the other trees. So much so that I was completely unaware that there were any sakura trees near the school.
A quarter of our class left before break ended--before the sakura bloomed. I came back from break to a bigger and emptier school.

Sakura in bloom--
brilliant impermanence
I might not have known


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