Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Imagine there's no heaven

This morning when my host dad was driving me to osato station, he asked me if I lie. I told him that I don't. And he asked me, Annie has no religion, so why? I told him that it was in order to become a good person. He told me that I am already a good person.
A couple of nights ago my host mom and I were watching TV together, the program was about that Japanese journalist who was killed in Myanmar a few years ago. There was a montage during the program put to John Lennon's Imagine. My host mom and I both sang along. Tonight too, that song was on my mind, so I listened to it a few times.
Today we had a guest speaker for our culture and society class. He is a professor at a university in Nagoya, and he came to speak to us about use of Nuclear weapons and stuff. We watched a video about Nuclear weapons, and the effects of nuclear bombs and nuclear test sights, and radiation etc. and then we had a discussion about it afterwards.
My host mom told me today that she will take me to Hiroshima on December 11th.
Just some things that have been on my mind.


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