Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Clean Start and a Sweet Ending

This morning when I woke up, thanks to my dream, I thought I was back in America. At first I was kind of happy to get to see my friends and family and everyone again, but then I felt really sad, and really upset, and I didn't want to leave Japan yet! So I opened my eyes, saw that I was still in Japan, and felt really silly. I then laid in bed for a while, not wanting to get up, and then my host mom came to get me up at about 8 to make sure I could eat breakfast and take my medicine on time. During breakfast she said that we were going to clean my room afterwards. So after breakfast, we came upstairs, and she vacuumed, and put my blankets outside, and changed my sheets, and I cleaned up all of my crud, and organized everything. My desk is finally clean again, and I can actually use it (even though sitting up for too long hurts my back...). After cleaning my host mom brought me some ocha(tea) and chocolates.
After that, I worked on some make-up work, and then stopped to video chat with Morgan, Priscilla, and Carsen. They went to a Mcdonald's to get internet to talk to me. <3 As I was showing them my bathroom, my host mom came home from the super market, and I tried to leave the bathroom with my laptop as subtly as possible. My host mom later came up to my room to bring the blankets back inside, and I asked her if she wanted to meet my friends, but she said something like: no, I'm only here to clean. But she eventually leaned over my shoulder to talk to them. She told them how I am sick, and they put on their best concerned faces. Lots of awkward fun! After she left, we continued talking, and somehow we started talking about food, and someone thought that I wasn't eating much at each meal. So I explained how I have breakfast at around 8, then lunch at about 12, then a snack at 3, then dinner at 6, and another snack after my bath. Carsen laughed when I said bath, so I had to explain to her how in Japan people shower, and scrub themselves clean, and then take baths. So then, of course, I had to show them our bath, so I took them downstairs, and showed them the shower/bath room. We then ran into my host mom again, so I explained that they wanted to see a Japanese bath. I started pointing the camera at the tatami room, where buchan (the cat) was. My host mom picked up buchan, and introduced him to my friends, saying that he is 85 years old, and she closed the door to the tatami room, saying that it was too messy. I then had to get off the computer to go eat lunch (which today was inari zushi and tempura, two of my favorite foods). After lunch I did some more homework.
At about 5:40 my host parents called me downstairs, and Akiko-san (my host mom's bffl) was there, and she had a christmas gift for me! I thanked her a lot, and she told me how worried my host mom is because my fever won't go down, and she told me to get better. I got a really cute purin and cookies :) At about 6, my host parents called me down for dinner. We had cheese fondue, and it was like a party. My host mom kept saying that because it's christmas time, chocolate fondue would have been better, but my host dad and I assured her that the cheese was delicious, and it was! during dinner, my host dad started talking about sake again. He is really disappointed that I refuse to drink any, even though my host mom keeps reminding him that it's illegal. haha. Today he told me to come back here when I'm 21 so that we can drink together. Then he showed me his sake, and I don't know if other people knew this already, but I sure didn't. On celebratory occasions, this kind of sake is brought out, and it has gold in it. Lots of little gold leaf pieces floating around in it. Like real gold. I kept asking my host parents "real gold?" and when they said yes, I asked "why?" I think my host mom said something about it being good for your body or something... I don't really know...
After dinner I ate my purin, I felt a little bad about it, because my host parents didn't get any... but they had some other dessert. And my purin was dericious!


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